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Greenhouse usage is popular for good reasons!

We are a society that is built on instant gratification. While we can be patient in some settings, for the most part we have become accustomed to getting what we want when we want it. The system that we have created for ourselves has allowed us to engage with our world in this way. Instead of waiting for the seasons to come around and provide the kinds of foods that make sense for that season, we have instead decided that we will import the food we cannot get from other places around the world. We have decided, in effect, that we should be in control at all times and always get what we want. That has certainly had its benefits, and we have created systems that allow us to do so. The us of the greenhouse in order to grow food in otherwise inhospitable temperatures is one of those things. Indeed, as the story goes, the Emperor Tiberius's love of cucumbers was the first thing to spark the ingenuity of the greenhouse. His gardeners, in order to keep him in supply of cucumbers, planted the crop in wheelbarrows which were wheeled inside in the evenings in order to protect them from the cold. They were also stored in "cucumber houses" which were protected with cloths and sheets. This early greenhouse method was an easy way for the Emperor Tiberius to get the cucumbers he required whenever he wanted them.

The first greenhouse to resemble the ones we are accustomed to now emerged in the 13th century in Italy, though clearly the concept and theory behind the greenhouse existed much before then. They were mainly used as a way to keep the exotic plants and species that the early explorers found abroad in climates much different that in Italy. It is easy to see how the use of greenhouses has enabled us to do things we would not otherwise be able to do, growing plants and maintaining climates that would not otherwise exist, if only in the confines of a small glass house.

Knowing this, we have real opportunity to continue to grow and great plants and species in climates that would not otherwise suit them. The use of the greenhouse has given us so much freedom, and as technology advances we are finding new and better ways to use greenhouse construction to catapult us into new ways of growing and maintaining our food. With the high tech advances available, we can create and maintain the right climate for a variety of different types of plants throughout the year. In doing so, we give more people access to food that they would not have been able to have!

You can see how technology and the expertise of greenhouse design teams has given us more ways to eat food and more ways to tackle the world around us. The folks at GGS Structures Inc. are leading the way in creating new and better technologies around our food. They make it easy for us to get the best greenhouses in order to grow the best food we can!


  1. Starting a cannabis greenhouse can be very profitable these days. The demand for cannabis has gotten to be so great that many of the state’s largest cannabis producers have started having to contract small grower to help them meet their demands. The medical marijuana industry alone has been experiencing serious cannabis shortages, as with each passing year the number of health issues that are being treated with medical cannabis continues to climb. There is also a giant number of recreational cannabis users currently that simply can’t get the cannabis they seek due to the lack of cannabis production. After getting all of the proper papers filled out, and permission from the local authorities, people can get started growing their own cannabis in their cannabis greenhouses. Inside a greenhouse cannabis grows just like a weed, and is in fact one of the most simple plants to cultivate in the world. With just a little investment in a greenhouse, and a little time spent learning all the tricks of cannabis growing, a private grower could start raking in the cash. One harvest from a cannabis greenhouse could generate tens of thousands of dollars, and with the price of cannabis just getting higher and higher; the prospect of a cannabis business keeps getting more and more attractive. Sites like, show people how easy getting started on a private cannabis business can be. The cost of building a small cannabis greenhouse is affordable for almost anyone, especially when considering all the profits that stand to be made. Greenhouse construction is also pretty easy for people that decide to build their own, and for those that want their greenhouses built for them, there are hundreds of companies across the country that are experts in greenhouse construction. People looking for a fun and easy way to make extra money should look into growing cannabis in their own greenhouse.
  2. A greenhouse can also be used to grow food for the family. One of the most popular uses for a greenhouse right now is for cultivating fruits and vegetables for private consumption. People are increasingly concerned about the safety of the foods they eat, as science discovers more and more reasons why organic foods are a better option for humans. The price of organic fruits and vegetables can put the organic lifestyle out of the reach of some people, but a small greenhouse can provide the whole family with all the natural foods they could ever need. With systems such as greenhouse heating GGS, plants grow much faster in the greenhouse than they would outside, so a greenhouse owner can enjoy several harvests in a single season. For a healthy lifestyle that won’t require an extra job, the greenhouse is a fantastic choice.
  3. Lastly, greenhouses are good for people looking for a rewarding, relaxing hobby. Many people have greenhouses in order to relax after work on the weekend. Once a person has stepped inside a greenhouse for the first time, they understand why so many people love cultivating plants in one. Greenhouses as a way to fight stress are a fantastic option!